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3rd Industrial Revolution

3D printing is changing the world, it is changing industries from aerospace through to personal medical care. But how is 3D printing changing your life and what can you make with a desktop 3D printer?

Trinpy was founded because we believe that for 3D printers to change your world then you need an endless supply of the very best designs. Our goal is to make desktop 3D printers more useful by supplying the best designs to you and to support our designers for their hard work.

Trinpy is a design library dedicated to providing only designs that are guaranteed to be printable on your desktop 3D printer (see how it works below). Many CAD files are simply un-printable on desktop 3D printers because they were not designed with desktop 3D printing in mind. For example they may have very thin sections, extremely fine details, large unsupported sections, incorrect tolerances between parts and other problems that mean they will be un-printable on desktop 3D printers. Lots of companies claim that their designs are printable but this is possible only on $50,000 machines, not desktop machines. At Trinpy we guarantee that every design on here is suitable and printable for desktop 3D printers.

We are not owned by any 3D printer manufacturer so we have no hidden agenda. We choose to work with companies that provide a quality product and equally good customer service.

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